Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi everyone !!

I just wanted to post and tell eveyone... my life life has been --well we could say very busy !!.. I was hired in the spring by Learning Through the Atrs to work with teachers in the classroom as a visuial artist --that was great -- I was in a kindergarten class-- so exciting to open their eyes to the wonder of art-- that ran until the middle of June and then I was hired do to an art camp again as the visuial artist -- that was an amazing two weeks-- it just finished yesterday...the ages of the art camp was 7 - 11-- a great group of ladies working with these children-- and the children -Wow! so interested and interesting !!... it was a great spring--heedless to say I have not had a minute to paint for myself-- too busy working with children-- which I love !!.. so now my goal is to get back in my studio... I also want to say 'Thanks !!'... I appreciate your thoughts and concerns... that bus took alot out of me... probably others would have been able of do the teaching and their own painting but... oh well -- Thanks again !!